"The body takes up the melody

The hands explain the meaning

The feet beat the rhythm

The eyes express the emotion"

Dance: The Highest Form of Sadhana

Dance is the highest form of yoga. In one go, you discipline your body, breathing process, mind, and also purify the mind with dedication, which in all comprise a quantum movement beyond the self. The nerves receive adequate blood flow from the physical point of view and the mystic impact on them of different postures and mudras can be felt in terms of ethereal joy. It is such a joy that has no reason to justify its origin and generation. Dance is able to inculcate that sort of blessings. Once the body and mind get used to that sort of joy, one realizes that nothing else in the world can deliver it with so much intensity. The Indian Dance tradition is thousands of years old and plays an important part in Hindu culture. In Hinduism, all art forms like dance, music, painting, and sculpture convey the beautiful and divine side of man. Dance is the most sublime expression of what moves the soul. The Natya Shastra is the oldest literary document about the art of Indian Dance. It contains the knowledge which, according to mythology, was revealed to the great sage Bharata by God Brahma. This comprehensive work, also named the fifth Veda, describes dance, music, acting, aesthetics, and sculpture in minute detail. With hand gestures, acting, and pantomime this sacred art of dancing tells sacred tales from Indian Mythology and fascinatingly describes gods, men, animals, and their emotions.